Mitra Laser Jual Waterpass Automatic Level Nikon AS2C Murah

Jalan Inpres 18, Gg. Makam, Komplek Sabar Ganda No. 11 Tangerang Selatan, Larangan
  • Rp 20.500.000
Built for construction, civil engineering and surveying, the Nikon AS-2 Automatic Level delivers high-precision horizontal leveling. Equipped with a powerful telescope, this optical instrument offers 34x magnification and provides brighter and sharper images, even in low light. It also features 1/16 inch accuracy and a built-in compensator to automatically level the of sight, making it ideal for landscaping, fence building, installing foundation and more.

Powerful Telescope
With a minimum focusing distance of up to 3.28 feet, AS-2 allows you to work in close quarters. Its telescope is airtight and filled with dry nitrogen gas to prevent fogging, even in the most wet or humid environment. This Nikon auto level also has a unique wire-suspended compensator with air damper that absorbs fine vibrations and provides a compensation range of 12 arc-minutes and 0.3 arc-seconds accuracy.

Optional Accessories
For highly accurate leveling up to 0.4 mm, you can attach an optional plane parallel micrometer to the front of the telescope, or a diagonal eyepiece prism for use in confined spaces.

Ergonomic Design
The AS-2 auto level features an optical sight lens that helps surveyors and construction professionals to find the target quickly and accurately. The endless fine-motion knobs on both sides ensure smooth, precise pointing and angular measurement. In addition, a mirror with a pentaprism lets you view the circular bubble as an erect image. This optical instrument can also be mounted to flat or spherical- head tripods.

Waterproof and Reliable
With an IP-57 rating, the AS-2 can survive a fall into water and can be used in dusty conditions. Compact and lightweight, it also features a friction brake for clampless horizontal alignment.

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