Jual Fusion Splicer Fujikura 90S

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  • Rp 118.000.000
Fujikura 90S is a fusion splicer with a high precision lenses, which provide an accurate core-to-core alignment. Also, these lenses allow the splicer to discriminate between fiber types.
The 90S possesses advanced image processing technology which analyzes the profile of the fiber image as a brightness pattern. The tool finds the true core position and achieves the consistent lower splice loss. The device features fiber discrimination function: it automatically identifies the optimum arc discharge parameters in accordance with the fiber type.
Fujikura 90S has faster automated features that reduce installation time. The user can complete the entire splicing process without touching the tool and only moving the fiber. The fiber retention clamps support the automated operations. When the sheath clamps open automatically after splicing, the fiber retention clamps gently hold the spliced fiber to keep it from flying out.
Splicing time: 7-9 sec (SM FAST mode).
Heat time: 13-15 sec (for 60 mm sleeves).
Core alignment technology.
Advanced image processing technology.
Fiber discrimination function.
The faster automated features.
Time for opening wind protector is 80% lower comparing to the Fujikura 80S.
Time for placing fiber into heater is 50% lower comparing to the Fujikura 80S.
Easy fiber protection sleeve positioning.
The lid of the carrying case may be used as a work table.
Plenty of space in the carrying case. There are two drawers for storage, and the work tray can be divided into two separate places.
The sheath clamp is compatible with loose tube fiber.
Wireless data connectivity allows automatic cleaver blade rotation when the splicer judges the blade is worn.
The tool can connect two cleavers simultaneously.
Blade life management: the device displays the remaining blade life, informs about blade height and position change, and when new blade is required.
Operation manual is installed into the splicer.
Battery life increased up to 500 recharge cycles.
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  • Produk Fujikura 90S
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  • Harga Rp 118.000.000
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