Jul Total Station Sokkia Im 105 Reflectorles

Jl. Al Mubarok Ii No. 31 Rt. 14 Rw. 02 Joglo, Kembangan Jakarta Barat 11640, Kembangan
  • Rp 85,000,000
  • Construction and Survey Application Software On Board
  • Best-in-Class Measuring Distance Feature
  • Reliable Large Volume Internal Memory
  • Long-Hour Battery Operation
  • Strong Environmental Specification against Tough Sites

Before using the iM-100 Series, it is necessary to perform the user registration to activate the TSshield.Please click here and read the registration manual.
User registration before use[1,083KB]

Construction and Survey Application Software On Board
Reliable All-Round Total Station

Improve Topography and Stake Out with features to achieve faster and more efficient workflows

Superior Basic Feature will Expand Your Application Strong Environmental Spec The IP66 rating ensures durability for most any rough job site temperatures and conditions.
Long-life Battery One battery (BDC70) lasts up to 28 hours, or about four days of normal operation time.
Bright Illumination Key for Nighttime Work Key buttons are illuminated to minimze mistakes.
Japan Quality Products
We perform the tough environmental tests to ensure long-term operation even under the rough site environments.
iM Series total stations are thoroughly inspected with dust-proof and water-proof test chambers.
In addition, the various tests against vibration, drop, temperature, and humidity were successfully passed to achieve the best environmental spec. Also, the measuring distance accuracy test on base line and the instrument leveling and angle accuracy test and adjustment by collimator system ensure your satisfaction on iM Series product quality.

IoT Support System Connect the Site and the Office
TSshield IoT Support System
  • Remotely update the firmware via the internet.
  • Improves asset management by checking TS operating time.
  • Remote Lock secures the instrument from theft.
  • Monitor TS heath status to enable quick reaction against any functionality issues.
*This service may not be available in same areas.
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  • Tayang Sejak 8 bulan yang lalu
  • Kategori kantor dan Industri
  • Sub Kategori Alat Kantor dan Stationery
  • Produk SOKKI IM 105
  • Lokasi Kembangan
  • Kab / Kota Jakarta Barat
  • Harga Rp 85,000,000
  • Kondisi Baru
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